Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Lifestyle-Based Co-Op: A Promising Model for Healthcare Financing

Thanks to Dr. Doug McGuff, author of Body by Science, an excellent conversation emerged in the comments section to my recent essay, "Black Swan Health Policy: What's in a Domain?"

Head over there, either by scrolling down or by clicking here, read the original essay and the associated comments conversation melody, then watch my extra thoughts here:


My positive Black Swan treasure hunt will not cease.

The Ancestral Fitness Epistemocracy (AFE) Anti-Health Insurance Co-Op will remain a Blogosphere reality, a working component of the evolving evolutionary mythology for the Patient of One community.

Alternative universe dynamics do come true.

But, the more we standardize something, as we like to do in education and in healthcare, the more we drown out curiosity and creativity. The lifestyle-based co-op model for financing healthcare could be a disruptive innovation that helps supplant United, Aetna, et al. mainstream health insurers from their monopsonistic power positions. We just need enough wiggle room, amidst the miles of red tape and towering barriers to entry that are now so steeply entrenched and in place, to operationalize this concept in some way.

So, we will continue to write because, somehow, we have faith (hat tip to Dave Lull) that we could, one day, set things right.

MLK had dreams; I have dreams; we all have dreams.

Dreaming is part of our ancestry.

And, it's part of the Ancestral Fitness Epistemocracy (AFE).

To good health,


(*Note: This post is part of Prevention Not Prescriptions Tuesday)


  1. Great articulation of the AFE Co-Op, Brent.

    The 'live' social experiment is operationalizing the 'probiotic' approach to health care.

    In the spirit of co-ops, I am on my way to Sacramento's local food co-op to pick up some materials to start making Kombucha.



  2. Brent,

    I'm in the military, but civilian life looms around the corner for me. When that time comes, health care will again be a concern, and I can't think of anything that would fit into my lifestyle choices better, nor that would simply make more sense than, an AFE Co-Op as you describe it.

    Let's make this a reality!


  3. Thanks, Brian and Bryce!

    Grounding health in the lifestyle framework makes so much sense financially and physiologically, and I suspect we would create quite a vibrant--alive--community that lives each day passionately while supporting each other compassionately along the way.

    Cheers to making this social experiment a reality. When we get there, we can celebrate by enjoying some of the Kombucha that Brian is about to learn how to make!

    The AFE is 'probiotic' in many different ways.



  4. AFE is "probiotic" indeed. I'm convinced that health "insurance" of this nature will be a reality in the not-too-distant future. Kudos to you, Brent, for blazing the trail.

  5. Thanks, Keith.

    Cheers to enjoying turkey and, at the same time, not being Taleb's 'turkey' on Thanksgiving Day!

    Fingers crossed, at least. lol.