Monday, August 2, 2010

The Gut: The Inner Tube of Life by Dr. LePine

The Gut-Brain Connection: An Inside Look at Depression
(See notes here)

I recently wrote a poem ("Where's My Brain?") about the gut-brain, the heart-brain, and the head-brain, among other things.

I concluded, tentatively, that it's all brain.

So here's a nice presentation on the gut-brain (thanks to Dr. BG).

Intestinal Dysbiosis is rising to the surface as one of the most important aspects of human health and disease.

It'll be fascinating to see where all this leads.

Hopefully, it leads to health; that is, to freedom from chronic inflammation and disease.

Microbiomics. Epimicrobiomics. Nutrimicrobiomics.

Genomics. Epigenetics. Nutrigenomics.

Parallels. Symphonies. Symbiosis.

It seems.

To good health,



  1. Brent,

    Young astute man...

    MIND BLOWING isn't it?

    Err... GUT BLOWING *haa!*

    I like your poems -- dude u can rap...


  2. Keep up the good work guys. Posted a link to this preso at Paleo Hacks.


  3. Thanks, G and Patrik.

    I was out all day hiking in Tahoe (para mi madre's BDay).

    @G: lol ... appreciate 'sis. Just trying to be Jay-Z.

    @Patrik: Thanks for posting the link!

    It's a winner.

    Cheers to more thinkering,