Monday, April 11, 2011

Tradition: Ancestral Health Symposium and Johns Hopkins Medicine


The importance of tradition has grown on me (by osmosis, seemingly).

For instance, memorable traditions during my Jesuit education for high school shaped my personal development tremendously, thankfully.

Similarly, this past weekend, I attended Second Look Weekend at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. As part of this traditional celebration for admitted students, current medical students create a memorable video about Hopkins Medicine:

The Hopkins Medicine tradition of uniting the triad of Research, Teaching, and Patient Care serves as the model for modern medical investigating, training, and healing.

Hopkins Medicine: Research, Teaching, and Patient Care

Hopefully, the Ancestral Health Symposium will blossom into a new tradition based upon respect for old dynamics (to start, the term "paleo" translates as "older or ancient"):

Ancestral Health Symposium (graphic design credit to Sarah Rebich)

Cross-pollinating the Jesuit and Hopkins traditions, Dr. Ben Carson of Johns Hopkins delivered a memorable presentation to students at the Cristo Rey Jesuit high school in Baltimore (thx2BGeremia):

To good health (traditions),


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