Wednesday, December 26, 2012

When m=1 personal my-thologies clash

We live by fiction; by the story systems we construct--by our m=1 personal my-thologies.

These story systems are collections of conjectures; they are tentative statements about the world that we transiently hold to be true (that is, they are yet-to-be-falsified). We place our faith in this assembly of beliefs because these views reflect our values, our vehicles for decision-making and behavior shaping.

Yet, we don't all move to the same tune. You and I are different, you see.

Quite different; that is--in some ways: entirely.

Tirelessly, though, we respect each other's humanity.

You and I, you see, are both part of "something bigger" that we both cannot see.

That's the line of reasoning that is, ultimately, most important to me: shared opacity.

When m=1 personal my-thologies clash--a natural result of individuality--we are forced to do two things:

1. Re-evaluate our own perceptions, our own story systems; and,
2. Evaluate more deeply the other's beliefs, the other's positions.

However, when you and I are too close interpersonally--when we have a history--it might work best for us to pursue these two things in parallel, on our own two feet, at least momentarily. Because we need room to roam; room to explore; room to let go and flow: room to let that "something bigger" work its wonder in our lives.

When personal m=1 my-thologies clash, we are left wondering: to where do we go from here.

Sometimes, we go nowhere--we are already there.

To good health,



  1. Nowadays I check Google Reader once every few months... and on this New Day of the New Year decided to check and somehow this post made it to the top. Thanks for taking the time during your schooling respite to share these thoughts.

    Peace to you and Best Regards,

  2. Thanks, Zach.

    Glad you stumbled upon my reflection. School definitely makes writing challenging, but I'm hoping to do some this year as time permits.

    Happy New Year to you and your family!



  3. Sometimes we just have to realize we are already there.

    I loved to see your update.

    As a fellow med student, I know the challenges of medical school and a serious pursuit of whatever you do (writing in your case).

    Greetings from Spain.


  4. Thanks, Angela.

    Which school do you attend? What areas of medicine are you interested in?



  5. I study at University of Valencia. My areas of interest are primary care, gut health, movement and posture and the role of stress and trauma in health.

    I'm a practitioner of David Berceli's Trauma & Tension Releasing Technique, a simple and elegant technique wich works which helps the body complete the movements associated with the stress response thus releasing stored tension (be it from a MVA, sitting too much, or a crossfit workout).

    How are you doing? Are you already considering any specialty?

    Wish you well,


    1. Thanks, Angela!

      I appreciate the well wishes very much.

      Your interests are fantastic! I am interested in trauma surgery, either via orthopaedic surgery or general surgery, to be determined. This time next year, I will be applying to residency, so I have the upcoming year to figure it out. I have a strong interest in the effects of trauma (of all types) on health; perhaps we can collaborate in the future?

      I am doing well, thanks, enjoying my clinical clerkship rotations while working on some research projects.