Friday, June 13, 2014

2014 Ancestral Health Symposium (#AHS14) and The Seth Roberts Memorial Talks

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The Seth Roberts Memorial Talks

Please join friends of Seth Roberts, including Nassim Taleb, Tucker Max, Tim Ferriss, Gary Taubes, and John Durant, for a series of public talks honoring Seth.

Sunday, August 10, 2014
9am – 1pm
Valley Life Sciences Building (VLSB) room 2050
University of California, Berkeley

Registration for The Seth Roberts Memorial Talks opens June 12 for registered AHS14 attendees.
Registration opens to the general public, next Friday, June 20. The registration link will be posted on this page.  

Space is limited for The Seth Roberts Memorial Talks; we encourage you to consider registering for AHS14 in order to secure your ticket for The Seth Roberts Memorial Talks as well and celebrate Seth’s legacy and spirit fully!


Please join us at AHS14 to honor and build on Seth’s personal science trailblazing. 

Seth Roberts was one of the original organizers of the Ancestral Health Symposium and Society (AHS); and, his work on self-experimentation and his applications of human evolution concepts to modern living have been foundational to the Ancestral Health movement. 

Thursday through Saturday
August 7-9, 2014
Wheeler Auditorium
University of California, Berkeley

To learn more, or to register for AHS14, please click here.
For both events, please find accommodations information, meals and parking, here.

Seth’s Legacy

When Seth Roberts passed away in April, the world lost one of its brightest lights. He was humble, compassionate, insatiably curious, and he lived a life of deep integrity. His family, friends, colleagues, and the Quantified Self and the Ancestral Health communities feel acutely the loss of Seth’s warm companionship, unique intellect, and infinite creativity.

Seth planted many seeds in the Ancestral Health and the Quantified Self gardens. It is our responsibility and honor to water those seeds, make sure they get enough sun, and ensure that they blossom and bloom for many years to come!

To good health,