Saturday, July 25, 2015

Honoring Dave Lull

Serendipity tends to strike unexpectedly.

Blessings sometimes emerge unpredictably.

In 2007, I started this simple blog with my first post:

Soon thereafter, Dave Lull, a librarian and an information scientist, reached out to me and started sharing with me links to articles, interviews, books (and book reviews), and other fascinating leads for reading, learning, and reflecting. In turn, many of these leads led to writing as I integrated ideas through the process of composing blog posts as drafts in thinking, hashing it out, attempting to sort things out. I enrolled in Dave Lull University (DLU), with NNT's Black Swan serving as the mascot.

Over time, this process of attempting to connect-the-dots via writing led to new avenues of interest and inquiry, supporting me in a contemplative (Jesuit-spirited) journey. And it's this journey that I'm commemorating today:

Dave Lull retired (from one role). His unique legacy (which is still in the making) as an information scientist is one of friendly, thoughtful, humble, honest, and curious inquiry into the human condition. Numerous people have benefitted tremendously from his research and sharing as he has served communities both locally and globally, from his library to the blogosphere and beyond.

Dave is a thinkerer, thinking and tinkering with thoughts and perspectives, with the concrete and the abstract, with histories and with futures, and with the here and the now. As a deductivist, he has practiced epoche with epistemic humility, permitting a special type of empathy:

Openness to holding multiple hypotheses simultaneously.

And in holding these (even-seemingly-contradictory) hypotheses, there's space to admit that we all have faith in something; that taking opportunities to contemplate this faith intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually often provides room for personal growth opportunities amidst our individual journeys.

I'm thankful that blogging-serendipity connected me with Dave Lull; and, eight years later, as I think back on all the blessings that have emerged from my friendship with him, I am honored to have received the fruits of his information science expertise and hobbyist-volunteerism. From the blogosphere to the on-the-ground-sphere, the world is a better place because of Dave Lull's grace.


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